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Mini Lipo
  cheeks  saggy jowls mini minilipo
  double chin mini minilipo + neck  upper arms  armpits
  breast sides & breasts     under bra   lower ab partial
  upper ab partial        waists partial  pubic part
  inner thighs partial   outer thighs partial  thigh fronts
  knee sides & aboves      calves      ankles
Mini Tucks
  Mini Tummy Tuck   Brachioplast(Arm Lift)   Thigh Lift
Mesotherapy(Liposculpturing Injectables)
  deoxycholic acid     
   Cincelar+  Deolipo(Kabelline)  BNLS neo  Kybella
Diet Medication
Liposonix High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound


   Liposuction is still the most effective procedure for bodysculpturing care. New technologies in nonsurgical procedures emerge and become a trend, but none of them can surmount or even get closer to the effect of surgical liposuction, and this situation definitely stays around for the time being.

   Especially the abdomen and the thighs are parts that show a certain volume of suctioned fats, and even on the next day of surgery when compression bandage is removed, you can tell the difference already from the previous shape. Removing a large amount of fats from these 2 parts can also improve your metabolism, giving the patient a good reaction to simple dieting and may indirectly resulted to a noticeable weight loss. But suctioning of these 2 parts together is not a good idea because they need more dozes of medication required and removing too much volume from the body might induce anemia and other unfavorable outcome.

   Broad surgical liposuction at least needs lab test to assess your body whether or not it can cope with an invasive surgery. If general anesthesia is the case, EKG, Xray, and urine test are also required.

   Actual procedure:
    Syringe method is the main technique used in our facility to suction the deep fat layer(or LFD localized fat deposit) with almost purely fats. It is a silent liposuction method that is easy on the body because it selectively suctions fats out of the body without causing severe damages to blood vessels and nerves.

    Tube sizes that are used are 2 to4mm which are relatively thinner than traditional machine tubes. They are used accordingly to the sizes of sites to be suctioned.

   Abdomen is divided into 3 parts where the deep fat layers are present: the upper ab, the lower ab, and the waist.

   The upper abdomen is suctioned by 1 approach in the navel part, 2 for the lower ab at the lower boundary with the groin part, and 1 each on the lower part for both waists. These approach holes are in around 4mm in size and covered with skin protectors upon suctioning,

   Thighs are divided into 2 parts: the inner and outer thighs.

   Inner thigh is treated by a 4-mm approach at the groin region, mainly focusing on suctioning at the upper part which, in standing position, mainly sticks out to the other side to close gap of both legs, aiming to widen this gap space for a slimmer appearance. The lower half of inner thigh does not have that much fat layer, so serious suctioning is not advisable at this area inorder to avoid a concave curve.

   Front area is suctioned also from the same hole. Deep fat layer cannot be found that much but suctioning widely and thinly helps getting a satisfactory effect(see thigh fronts for details).

   At the outer side of the thigh, an approach at the hip and another one at the gluteal sulcus, a crease at the boundary ot buttock and thigh, are made.

   The approach from the hip gives a good direction to thoroughly suction the soft and bountiful amount of deep fat layer of the outer thigh, which is the part where one can observe a dramatic reduction. But only Asians mostly want to get this part reduced. Westerners, maybe mainly the Americas mostly do not decide to reduce the area from their hip down to the outer thigh, the part which most take them sexier if bigger.

   Gluteal sulcus hole is used mainly for inner suction but also gives a good approach for suctioning of the thigh back which has not that much fat layer to be suctioned and easily shows a hollow surface if done seriously.

   Whole abdomen and whole both thighs in a regular-size person slim down dramatically but not unnatural in suctioning around the volume of 2000cc respectively, but, of course, there are some exceptions on individuals' body sizes. Removing more than this amount is possible, but unnecessary treatment of surface fat layer may occur and might cause unwanted severe bleeding and inflammatory seroma which cause infection that might lead to bumpy skin surface appearance and touch.

   Liposuction of the whole perimeter of the upper arm involves suctioning of fats over tricep's surface. This area contains not that much deep fat layer, so careful treatment is required inorder to avoid unwanted effects such as bumpy surfaces.

   Full liposuction of upper arms may harvest around 600cc on both sides for a satisfactory yet natural effect with regular-size individuals. More can be suctioned with bigger arms, but unnatural shape and touch might be an issue if done on smaller ones. Months of compression are needed to see good results, but changes can be seen not as fast as thighs, since arm are not as rich in fats as thighs. Arm compression garments are not easy to find at regulars shops, so medical ones are mostly used for arm lipo.

   After liposuction, a night of bandage compression helps to drain out the oozing of tiny bleeding and the solution used, then at least 3 months of compression with compression suit or girdle should be done inorder to avoid formation of unneeded scar tissue in fat layer, allowing the skin to recover with smoother shape and touch. The 4-mm holes dry up already the next day, so simply just band-aid is okay, washing is already possible. Very fine stitches close the approach holes and be removed on 7th day.

   Liposuction is assumed as a simple procedure that even beginner surgeons are performing. But aiming the deep fat layer as a target needs at least years of experience. Not too much suctioning is the rule that most surgeons live by, but the outcome somewhat is not satisfactory. Removing too much fat causes also some issues which are irreversible sometimes. Correctable insufficiency is far better than nonfixable side effects. However, everyone, even the sugeon, desires of completing the procedure with just one surgery, because that is one of the main goals or advantages of liposuction. So the solution for this is just mainly experience of the operator, the capability of deciding when to stop or when to suction more. Also, doing wider areas together is not recommendable. The whole abdomen and whole thighs for one day needs more doses of anesthetics, and besides this, combined wide area of suctioning might cause severe bleeding that lead to unecessary adverse effects.

   Pricing (10% tax not included)
 Liposuction upper abdomen  \250000  
   lower abdomen  \300000  
   waist  \300000  
   upper + lower  \470000  
   lower + waist  \500000  
   upper + lower + waist  \650000  
   inner thigh  \300000  
   outer thigh  \300000  
   inner + outer  \500000  
   Ultrasound-assisted procedure +\100000
   General Anesthesia fee \50000


              Excess BODY FATS Solutions

Mini Lipo

   Mini Lipo is liposuction of small mini-sized areas with minimal fats such as cheek, upper arm and ankle. This procedure takes short time, around 30 minutes, and minimum dosage, about 1/10 of regular full liposuction. Nonsurgical laser devices or fat-melting injectables are not that effective, the fact that makes Mini Lipo an outstanding alternative, which is popular also in the States and other advanced nations in cosmetic field. It has an indisputable outcome which requires almost the same treatment time duration as nonsurgical means and even less medication dose, meaning less risk, if compared to fat-dissolving injectables. Mini Lipo is mainly done with just local anesthesia that allows patient to soon just go home like a dental procedure. No series of lab and physical tests required , questionaires are needed though to check health condition.
   We offer Syringe Technique Mini Lipo at our facility( refer to Liposuction above for details), a method that treats gently not only the fat layer but also blood vessels and nerves that support body tissue, leading to less bruises and faster recovery.

   About the size of a palm is a good candidate for Mini Lipo, an area that takes 20 to 30 minutes to treat.

palm-size area

palm-size area

   The following parts are good for Mini Lipo:


   Cheeks' Mini Lipo is approached from the back of ear lobe. After introducing local anesthetics through a small hole for a couple of minutes,

   smallest 2mm suction tube connected to the smallest syringe is used to aspirate minimal fat layer of the cheek that takes about 5-10 minutes.

    Around 10cc of suctioned fats from both side are enough to show good result. Taking more than this amount is possible but maybe not okay years later when you might see sunken parts on cheek area.

   Compression with bandage for 1 night , then compression band beginning the next day. The longer the pressing the better, but since face is noticeable with such garments, at least a week of compressing is required to avoid obvious longer swelling and unwanted scar tissue inside that may minimize effect of the treatment. A very fine stitch is done on each approach hole that to be removed 1 week later.

   Cheek area has relatively less fat deposit compared to other parts of the body, the reason why it shows treatment effect much later than fat-rich areas. For the time being, cheek parts might look the same or a little bit puffy for few months.

   saggy jowls

       before minilipo        marking          after minilipo
   Saggy jowls due to aging are good candidates for surgical facelift procedure. (Click here for facelift details.)
   However, facelift surgery is one of those cosmetic procedures that needs time for healing and recovery, the fact that usually hesitates one to decide undergoing it. Under such circumstances, particularly when sagginess is not that severe, fat removal might show some tightening or maybe flattening effect on the concerned jowl area.

    To be specific, cheek mini-lipo(mentioned above) is further minimized to a smaller area limited to jowl part only, so a smaller 2mmtube opening is made at the inner side of the jowl, outer side of the under-chin to introduce a smaller syringe suctioning device. Within few minutes the suctioning is completed.

   Of course, local anesthesia is much preferred for this procedure.

   A minimal amount can be suctioned from these areas, less than few cc's.

   Compression after surgery is simply done with just simple gauze and tape that can be covered with a simple mask. Without compressing might cause noticeable swelling that might linger on.
   Suction hole is more like a needle point that needs no stitches at all.

   A week of taping for compression is advisable.

   Jowls do not have that much fat volume to be removed, so a noticeable effect might be observed months later. For a while, suctioned areas may look unchanged or show a little puffiness.

   double chin mini minilipo + neck.
   Double Chin + Neck Mini Lipo is a popular one in this generation in Japan where smaller face is the trend and no one wants anything additional flesh hanging below there. And also middle agers certainly do not need something that add to their age in which double chin plays a role of a turkey neck few years later. Whatever the reason is, whether it is for reduction or prevention, Mini Lipo is the answer.

   Just under the chin is a 4mm hole to suction the disturbing sag below it. If worried about the wound, there might be weeks that it appears like a red pimple but nobody can notice it unless someone tries to peek into it on purpose. Months later it turns into unnoticeable scar even if you take a close look under your chin.

   The method goes similar to cheek procedure mentioned above. Using the smallest syringe, a volume around 5~7cc can make a difference with a regular body size. Bigger chins might need harvesting around 10~20cc. What differs chin part from cheek area is that you can suction as much as you can because it is a part where you cannot create that much sunken surface. Even if sunken part observed, it is a good sign of a good effect because this area is supposed to be, what else, sunken.

   At least a week of compression with a band is recommended. Removal of a very small stitch is 1 week after. Washing is already okay beginning the next day.

   Just a limited small area of under chin liposuction is called Mini Minilipo in our clinic, which takes only few minutes of treatment time because of its tinyness. The approach hole is as small as a needle puncture so a stitch is unnecessary.
   A week of compression is possible with just a compression tape that can be hidden by a mask. Better compress with band at home, if possible, to see faster recovery.

   Double chin fat dissolving injectable is a thing now around the globe, using deoxycholic acid as the fat dissolving substance. This method is assumed as the most effective among the nonsurgical ones, requiring 5~6 treatments, once in every 1-2 week period. But still it is not in the league of Mini Lipo, concerning about effect. You can see ten times better effect with Mini Lipo. Fat dissolving treatment is mainly recommended to those who really cannot handle surgery even the simplest Mini Lipo.

   upper arms
   Mini Lipo of upper arms is about removal of minimal fats of the arm near armpit side. If whole upper arm lipo is the choice, suctioning of fats along the arm perimeter is needed (refer to upper arm liposuction mentioned above). Also if excess skin is the issue, minimal sagging might be tightened with liposuction alone, but if severe, arm lift should be considered(refer to brachioplasty below).
   Middle size 3mm suction tube is used, with Mini Lipo, 2~300cc of fat volume is the goal for a decent effect in regular case. With bigger arms, this is not the limit, and maybe full liposuction is a better option.

   Upper arm Mini Lipo is done from a small hole near the elbow, takes about 10~20 minutes to finish. After a night of bandage compression, few months of garment pressing is needed, swelling might be observed for 1~2 weeks, probably some bruises near the armpit mainly.

   Arm Mini Lipo does not remve that much fats, so it takes months to start seeing effect. Until then tight compression is a must.

   Dissolving injectables and devices are also in the thoughts of individuals who are thinking of suctioning. But since these methods require injections of anesthetics and other substances, they have almost the same process as first step of Mini Lipo, the reason that makes the surgeon think it is easier just simply suction it for once in minutes and not be bothered of repeating it again with more sessions of the nonsurgical methods. And the effect of Mini Lipo is far better than these.

   Mini Lipo around the armpit is usually performed together with the upper arm procedure. Armpit is a very sensitive area that certainly needed a lot of numbing with anesthetics, and also very rich in blood vessels that usually produce noticeable bruises afterwards. To be honest, it is not a fun part to do lipo.

   The process goes the same as Mini Lipo of the upper arm. 100cc of fats from both sides are already effective.

   Recovery time might be longer due to bruising which sometimes stays for almost a month.

   Since arm Mini Lipo is done together mostly, a medical upper arm compression garment should be used. But sometimes the armpit is not pressed enough, so additional compression with a band used in mammaplasty is a good tightening technique.

   Bandage compression for 1 night, stitch removal after a week.

   breasts & breast sides
   Mini Lipo for breast sides only is a procedure chosen by mostly women, but doing it together with the breast is mainly done on gynecomastia procedure, a male breast reduction as shown at the picture. In this case, removal of breast tissue is also performed to gain an excellent result.

   The syringe and tubes used in this treatment is the same mid-size that are used in arms and armpits, 100cc of fats from each side is enough to see a good result, of course, the bigger the body size the more harvest you can expect.

   After a night of bandages, months of compression is necessary. Stitch removal a week later. These areas, particularly the breast sides, sometimes show bruises that may last for 2-3weeks.

   under bra
   Under-the-bra area or lower back Mini Lipo is done in the same manner with the breast side procedure. Usually this part is treated together with the full abdomen liposuction.

   Suctioned volume might be around 100~200cc.

   A night of bandages and months of compression give you thighter result. Bruises might be easily observed but not as bad as armpit or breast side procedures. Stitch removal a week later.

   lower ab partial
   Having a slimmer body but frustrated with a bit amount of fats around navel area is what Mini Lipo is for. Nonsurgical injectables and machines are designed for this case, but still they cannot beat Mini Lipo in terms of efffect and speed of the treatment/

   Full liposuction of the lower ab is better be done with 2 approaches, but Mini Lipo only needs 1. A 4mm slit at the lower adge can manage to suction 100~200㏄ that are enough to get your flatter ab.

   A night of bandage compression, then months of compression with thighter garment or underwear is recommended for thighter and flatter ab. A very tiny stitch is removed a week later. Unless the patient has bleeding problem, lower ab usually does not show severe bruises.

   Even after bandage removal the next day you can already tell the change, but actual effect can be observed more months later.

   upper ab partial
   Six-pack abs might not be a dream anymore. Of course, you still need exercise to expand your ab muscles, but Mini Lipo is a big step to that dream.

   Approaching from 1 tiny hole at the belly button, a 100~200㏄ volume of fats are enough to get closer to the six pack in a regular body size.

   A night of bandages and months of a fit underwear is a requirement to see good effect. Swelling goes the same with the lower ab, 1~2 weks might be needed.

   waist partial

   Waist parts are similar to the lower ab in the way they are susceptible to fat accumulation. But, while lower ab easily reacts to dieting, waist parts almost never show any changes at all even with a long period of fasting. Nonsurgical fat-melting injections and devices are also no match in this matter because of excess skin, muscles, and fibers that are present in these areas. So removal of a large sum of fats is the only answer to this concern.

   This is when full waist liposuction plays an active role of removing a remarkable amount of fats from the area, as plenty as the surgeon can go since the area is not prone to bumps and dents as unwanted effects. But if the bulge is minimal, Mini Lipo to a portion of a waist part can cause a change also.

   A mini lipo of 200cc from both sides can show a change, with about a 10-minute suctioning on each side, meaning just 20 on both.

   After a night of bandages, months of compression beginning the next day gives you a straighter waist contour. After bandages removal, showering is already okay the next day. Stitch removal is a week later. Might show bruise more that the abs, but usually goes away around 2 weeks.

   pubic area
   A camel toe might be disturbing. But a large camel toe is , what's the term, alarming?!

   A bulge at pubic part annoys a number of individuals, but maybe because of embarassment, few people come for consultation.。

   People who come for consult have the common reason why they are bothered with their bulging pubis, and that is cosmetic appearance. Young people are apt to worry about their appearances in locker rooms, particularly men who think that maybe their manhood is mostly buried inside the excess fat. While elders are preparing for dress changing by someone when the time comes, meaning the funeral.

   Similar to armpit Mini Lipo, a procedure using a mid-size 3mm suction tube connected to a syringe, known as syringe method liposuction, is a more gentle way of suctioning sensitive areas such as the pubic part. A part that is rich in blood vessels and nerves much be treated gracefully to avoid the damages of the surrounding structures. Tiny 4mm suction holes are made at the groin sides, and since lower ab lipo is usually done together with this treatment, it is also approachable from the same holes.

   After a night of bandages, a tight compression should be practised for 1~2-week period. And after this, tight underwear is also a big help for continuing the pressing for months. Bruises might be obvious for 2~3 weeks, and might spread down to lower pubic parts that are untouched.

   1 week later is stitch removal, simple showering is possible to do the next day.


   Buttocks, from their appearance, look like fatty mass that seems as if bountiful fats are removable,. However, if oversuctioned, skin won't thightened, instead it stays flaccid and loosened. So Mini Lipo is just enough, in wider and thinner manner to reduce the whole volume while making the buttocks look a little thightened.

   By the way, in western countries, similar to the outer thigh, buttocks reduction is not a thing. The opposite procedure, which is making it fuller is the actual trend.

   Same as the arm procedure, buttock lipo is passible with just 3mm suction tube, carefully moved widely and thinly to gain a smaller shape but even surface with just about 100~200cc of fats from both sides.

   After a night of bandages, months of wearing a thight underwear is recommended to avoid the loosening of the skin. Showering the next day is okay, bruise might be observed for 1~2 weeks.

   inner thighs partial
   Inner thigh usually should be liposuctioned with the full thigh procedure, but a slight upper side of the inner thigh is the concern, in the case of slimmer individuals, then Mini Lipo is the method to do.

   Like upper arm Mini Lipo, about 2~300cc amount of fats are already effective for both sides. A few mm of micro holes from the groins can let the mid-size tube achieves the goal.

   After a night of bandages, few months with a fit and thight girdle compression gives you an even contour line of your inner thigh gap. Regular bruises and swelling go away around 2 weeks. Showering the next day is already okay. Stitch removal is a week later.

   outer thigh partial

   Outer thigh, particularly in women, is rich in deep fat layer and a very good area to do full liposuction. But if just the tiny portion is needed to get rid of, then Mini Lipo is the option. Mini Lipo recovers faster that full lipo.

   Approach hole is at the hip side, 300~400㏄ of fats can show a good result.

   One night of bandages and few months of girdle compression is necessary for a thightened thogh contour. Around 2 weeks of swelling and bruises, Showering the next day is okay a week later is stitch removal.

   thigh fronts
   The front parts of thighs consist mostly of muscles underneath the thin fat layers, so not that much fats can be removed. But since it is visible to the owner's view everytime one takes a glance to the lower body, even a small change by making the bulging surface flat gives that individual great satisfaction.

   Around 200cc of fats will give you a good outcome.

   A 4mm hole from the groin gives a good approach to a thigh front.
   After a day of bandages and months of compression with girdles, satisfactory outcome might be observed. THigh fronts show less swelling and bruises, but if observed, 1~2 weeks of waiting is needed. A week later is stitch removal.

   knee sides/aboves

   Knee sides and the upper region of them are suctioned together to see a slimmer and thighter knee shape. Sides usually react well to treatment but the upper part usually has fibrous tissue that usually cause uneveness easily if fats are removed. So better treat the upper part like the way buttocks are treated: thinly and not so deeply. The side shows better effect, but better be careful not to take that much time suctioning the higher part of the side, because it easily shows dents. The good technique might be focusing on the bottom part of it to see an even outcome.

   Knees do not need that much suctioning. About 20㏄ of little amount of fats shows already an effect, like what you can expect from cheek Mini Lipo.

   A night of bandages compression and months of knee supports which are sold at regular shops work as knee Mini Lipo garment. Knee sides might show more bruises and swelling but maye gone around 2 weeks. Stitch removal is a week later.

   Calves are mainly composed of muscles, and only few fats exist under the skin. So one has to be careful to diagnose if the calf is indicated to have liposuction or not. Let the patient stand on toes, ankles lifted, of course while grabing to something, then see if muscles at calves are emphasized or not. If muscles expand and emphasize the bulk of the calf, that means you cannot get that much fats from it, and Botox treatment can slim it down well. If the bulge does not change that much, that is the calf you can get a good result from Mini Lipo.

   From 2 tiny holes at the back of the knee, with a 3mm suction tube, around 200cc of fats from both sides make a difference. Not as much as upper arms.

   A night of bandages and months of compression socks is needed to see an outcome, but as fast as other body parts, because calves have the least fat content among the parts where Mini Lipo is indicated. 1-2 weeks of bruises might be observed, but that is not bothering than the longlasting puffiness you see on calves for months, because they are at the lower part of your body where tissue water accumulate a lot due to gravitational pulling. Shower is already okay the next day, a week later is stitch removal.

   Ankles might be smaller areas compared to calves, but Mini Lipo shows better effect on these. The reason is the fact that there are two parts at the ankles that can be treated to make them look smaller. The first part or parts are the dents on the sides of the Achilles tendon, where you can suction fats as much as you can to create deeper dents, the process that makes lipo in these areas fun because you can dig dents, the process that is usually prohibited in other areas. So, on the other hand, if deeper dents are already present, those ankles are not good candidates of lipo.

   The other parts are the areas in between calf muscles and the dents, the part just above the ankle or below the calf. Comparing to the muscular calf, this area has more fats, meaning liposuction works well and shows good effect.

   A 4mm microhole at the lowest part of the dent can fit 3mm suction tube to remove fats from the ankle.

   After a night of bandage pressing, months of compression with tight socks is a must, and better insert some foams or gauze along the sides of the tendon to create dents fast. Since ankle is the bottommost part of the body, swelling is usually longlasting because of the gravity, meaning it takes more time to see effect than upper body parts.

   Not that mush bleeding during suctioning, and bruises are not noticeable mostly, but if there are some, 1~2 weeks subsiding time is needed.

   Shower beginning the next day is okay, stitch removal is a week later.

   Pricing (10%tax not included)

 Mini Lipo cheeks   \150000  
   jowls mini minilipo  \100000  
   double chin mini minilipo  \100000  
   double chin + neck  \200000  
   upper arms  \200000  
   armpits  \150000  
   breast sides  \150000  
   breasts  \200000  
   under-bra parts  \150000  
   lower ab partial \200000   
   upper ab partial  \150000  
   waists partial  \200000  
   pubic area  \150000  
   buttocks  \150000  
   inner thigh partial  \200000  
   outer thigh partial  \200000  
   thigh fronts  \150000  
   knee sides/aboves  \100000  
   calves  \150000  
   ankles \150000   

   BMI(Body Mass Index)  28以上 +30000円
   全身麻酔代  50000円


Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck)

   Full tummy tuck is for removal of both the lower and upper abdomen excess skin, and usually is done together with liposuction of the upper ab and sometimes of the waist part inorder to gain better results.

Because tranferring of the navel to upper level is necessary, besides waist to waist line scar, circling scar around the navel is also observed.

   After undermining or undercutting in between deep fat layer and ab muscle, tightening of loosened rectus abdominis muscle is done to enhance tightening also of the deeper abdominal wall layer.

   Drainages are introduced along the wound to drain out unwanted oozing of tiny bleeding and inflammatory juice. A week of bandage compression is needed, then months of corset or other garment compression follows. Stitch removal is done after a week or 2. Swelling and bruises might last for 2-3 weeks.                    

Mini Tucks 

   If excess skin is not that severe but tightening is strongly desired, Mini Tucks are the choices. MiniTuck is usually performed on lower abdomen, upper arm, or thighs(mainly inner thigh).

   Mini Tummy Tuck

   Mini Tummy Tuck mainly works only for the lower ab, creating its wound scar on the bikini line( about half the length of the full one). Undermining for skin flap is done up closer to the belly button, aroung half of the skin flap is removed then tucked to the lower wound edge.

  Mini is not as invasive as the full, so pain is also minimal, recovery is as fast as liposuction. But for swelling care, drainage is necessary for few days, stitch removal sometimes might get as late as 2 weeks.

   Bandage pressing lasts for few days, corset pressing is already okay few days later and also showering the wound directly might be possible for most cases.

   Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)
   Arm Lift is relatively popular among the tucks, particularly in the mid-age generation, in which liposuction alone cannot handle the thightening of the tissue anymore. Of course, with just liposuction only some cases might show good effect sometimes.

   The wound for excess skin removal is on the inner side of the arm where it meets the body in a relaxed standing posture. Redness might be seen for a while but this side is not that noticeable as long as the arm is not lifted, and eventually fades out over time.

   Bandage compression and drainages last for days, and after this, it can be taken care of already as the same manner as upper arm liposuction, which needs stitch removal a week later and few months of compression with a medical garment.

   Inner Thigh Lift
   Thigh Lift is not as popular as the other lifts because of two reasons; liposuction sometimes tightens the area a little bit and also wound scar of the thigh lift is very noticeable even if done only at the inner side as the same way of the upper arm lift.

   Post-operative care goes similarly with the arm lift.

   Pricing (10% tax not included)
 Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck)  full  \600000  
   full+waist liposuction  \900000  
 Mini Tucks  lower ab  \400000  
      +upper ab lipo  \650000  
      +waist lipo  \700000  
      +upper ab & waist \850000  
   arm lift  \400000  
      +armpit mini lipo  \450000  
   inner thigh lift  \450000  
    general anesthesia  50000円

Mesotherapy(Liposculpturing Injection)

   Deoxycholic Acid

   Deoxycholic acid is one of the substances found in bile acid produced in the liver. This substance has the ability to melt and dissolve fats, and it is also proven recently that it has the power to
reduce fats when it is injected into fat layer. Its efficacy is approved by the FDA. Deoxycholic acid solution has many brand names which have different concentration of the substance:

 product name  Cincelar +  Deolipo(Kabelline)  BNLS neo  Kybella
 deoxycholate concentration  0.8%  05%  0.0001%  1%
 effect  excellent  good mild   excellent
pain/swelling  mild  none  none  severe
 treatment sessions  1/4weeks
2 to 6 times
 every week
6 times or more
 1/2 to 3wks.
6 × or more
2 to 6 times

       Cincelar +
Cincelar Plus has relatively high concentration of deoxycholic acid, 0.8%.
Despite its rich content, pain and swelling after treatment are light, and side effect is less, the reason why it is applicable to other body parts.

Amount of injection is about 0.2 cc per 1 ㎠ (about 1cc per square inch), 5×5㎠ needs about 2㏄, approximate amount for minimal double chin. Broad chin parts need treatment of at least 4㏄.

        Deolipo (Kabelline)
Deolipo (or Kabelline) has a modest 0.5% concentration od deoxycholic acid,
combined with the other 2 fat-melting substances which are L-carnitine and artichoke extract.
Treatment amount is similar to Cincelar+, but can be done frequently every 1-2weeks, up to 6 sessions if needed.

        BNLS neo
                                                   BNLS is the new fat removal method done by injecting natural substances that burn fats. Treatment will be performed from 1 to 3 sessions which are more effective than the previous version of this brand. Facial and body parts are best candidates for this remedy.         

Kybella is the original brand of deoxycholic acid solution which has 1.0% concentration.
Because of its rich contents, severe pain and swelling after injection are observed and sometimes causes nerve dysfunction and skin necrosis, the reason why it is available in Japan.

Pricing (10% tax not included)                            

 Cincelar +  1cc \20000  25%OFF 
   8cc \140000  25%OFF 
   6times set 1time free   25%OFF
 Deolipo(Kabelline)  1cc \15000  20%OFF
   8cc \100000  20%OFF
   6times set 1time free  20%OFF
 BNLS neo  1cc  \10000  20%OFF
   10cc  \90000  20%OFF
   6times set  1time free  20%OFF

Diet Medication

   Diet pills are supplementary means to your diet program. Strong and fast effect can be observed if combined with partial liposuction surgeries. S

Pricing (10% tax not included)

Sanorex   1T \800  


Liposonix Focused Ultrasound Nonsurgical Technology

Liposonix is a system that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy that focuses on the targeted fat, destroying fat cells beneath the surface layers of the skin.

The treated fat tissue is removed through the body's natural healing and elimination process, leaving you with a thinner, more contoured bodyline.

  Mostly abdomen, and 2.5cm or more of fat layer that can be touched on waist part, thighs, hips, and arms are parts that can be treated.
The ultrasound energy focuses in the 1.5cm depth level from skin surface. 1.0cm of layer below this level is necessary to let the device work.

 Every individual has different result. In a clinical study, 1 treatment gives an average of 2.6cm(1 inch) decrease in size. This outcome started to be observed 3 weeks later, then finally became noticeable after 2 to 3 months.

 Discomfort, cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth sensation might be felt. Premedication is available if needed.

Not good for
 Subcutaneous fat layer less than 2.5cm
 pregnant or maybe pregnant
 hernia, wounds, or infection on the area
 facial parts

Treatment Sizes:
 The handpiece size, which is 4.5cm by 4.5cm, is 1 area. Treatment part size is calculated by counting how many areas are there on it. 1 area needs about 4-minute treatment. (Details of areas in every part are stated below)
 4.5cm×4.5cm areas on each part:      abs 6~15areas  
                       waist 1 side 2~3
                       thigh inner 1 side 3~6  
                       outer 1 side  3~6
                       buttocks 1 side   3~6  
                       arm 1 side   2~4

 Pricing (10% tax not included)
 Liposonix 1area 4.5×4.5cm²  \40000  

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